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Build your own Steel Garage : YES! YOU CAN DO IT!

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Our steel garage kits are specifically manufactured with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. With each kit, we include written step-by-step instructions (garage plans) that are easy to follow and require only a few basic tools!

Unlike bundles of boards, many of which are crooked as a dog’s leg and every single one needing cutting, an Absolute Steel garage arrives at your jobsite with energy already invested in it. It’s a heck a lot easier to put up than a wood frame building! And of course, there’s the economy of steel, the elimination of termites and little to no maintenance.

Compared to other steel garages on the market, assembling ours is a job that most do-it-yourselfers can accomplish with a minimum of effort. The main frame to our system is made up of parts that slip together, thereafter being “set” with self-tapping screws.

Step 1: Attach base rails to foundation

Step 2: Attach & position the trusses

Step 3: Attach purlins & girts (Sierra model)

Step 4: Install door & window framing

Step 5: Attach sidewalls & roofing

Step 6: Enjoy!
No Cutting Torches!

No Welding!

No Crawling Around On Things Like a Monkey With a Socket Wrench!

The Slip-Joint Connection
"Always a Smoother, Stronger Connection
...Never Use a Hammer!"

No Cranes!

Ask us to send you a copy of the assembly instructions for the steel garage kit you are considering or we can e-mail you a set in Adobe Acrobat PDF format!

Still not comfortable? Feel free to view our professional installation information!

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